New Fashion Trends for 2016 for Women

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Annually as one season finishes and one more begins there is always that air of anticipation in the Fashion domain concerning the newer fashion trends which are about to hit the high streets.


Although we even have all had previews with the main Fashion shows around the world, for most of individuals it is all about considering just how the high street has adapted these fashions to make them wearable for every day. Therefore here we are in Summer 2016 we shall view what’s bang on trend in the Fashion world for the summer.

One of the major fashion trends to hit this Summer is color and an explosion of it, from oranges and tangerines, to reds and purples. Hot pops of color where all over the catwalk and this has been taken directly into the high street. Combining colours is another fashion trend for this summer season and having opposing colours so for instance mixing shades of orange or reds together will offer you a style which is extremely now.


Студенти 4. године ИС-а листом бирају један од следећа два изборна предмета: електронско пословање или интелигентне системе!

Разлог је више него јасан – Они хоће што пре да дипломирају! Уколико већ сад приоритет дају испитима из оба наставна плана (према сугестији менаџера за односе с јавношћз ФОН-а) и положе их, чим факултет утврди општи акт, преласком на нови НПП ће им до краја остати сигурно један испит мање него у случају да као изборни изаберу неки други предмет!

За пушкице.нет
Ж.Алигрудић & П.К

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One more primary trend to come out for the Summer is print. Prints yet again where all over the catwalk and can be observed all over the place up and down the high street.

As with colors, clashing prints is another trend as of now and the more prints conflicting the better it is. If you aren’t brave enough to do head to toe print or color clashing simply adding pops of color or print will still update your appearance and have you on trend. These two particular trends can also be added into your look by the utilization of accessories also so bringing in the trend without making too much of a statement.

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